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Brona Fanelle's Surfing on a Banana Peel has won the FIRST PLACE in the 2013 Green Book Festivals' Spirituality category.


"...Brona Fanelle has released her first book titled “Surfing on a Banana Peel” that relates to local popular culture and combines aspects of sustainability, health, and spiritual evolution."

Surfing on a Banana Peel has received an Honorable Mention this time at the San Francisco Book Festival 2013.


A Sneak Peak at the Author

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The American Brona Fanelle was born in a small European country of Czech Republic where she has earned a Master’s degree in Literature and Social Science. She began her professional career as a teacher and later became a news anchor and editor.


She has traveled Europe and the United States collecting experiences that ultimately transformed her life. She had the opportunity to know and experience many different religions, spiritual paths, mystic energies, modern psychologies and parapsychological methods. Brona also studied different types of life styles and natural healing practices.


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About the Book

SURFING ON A BANANA PEEL tells the true story of a person on a spiritual path that took an entirely unexpected and extraordinary direction while dealing with a serious illness in her family. She cleanses herself from spiritual mud she plunged into with good intentions in her past, and she spontaneously discovers a new point of view, absorbs previously  unknown energy, peeks behind the hidden line of this world and receives truthful information from a new source. Her endeavor leads on a journey to spiritual evolution all while learning of alternative ways to cure and prevent cancer and other diseases.


The first part of SURFING ON A BANANA PEEL, the narrator focuses too much on the physical circumstances of her life. She is angry and disappointed by lies and manipulations she used to genuinely believe. She separates seed from chaff in all areas of life and fills trashcans with the unneeded, not realizing the positive impact the whole disaster will bring. The first part is narrated in past tense, symbolizing the outdated state of mind and her efforts to overcome it.


Part two is narrated in present time, where physical circumstances no longer have power, the narrator simply accepts them and doesn’t try to fight them, thanks to a new point of view... This second part is written in a diary form. That what may appear scattered is intentional, as it expresses the most important thought, feeling or information of the given day. A leap between days is present because each day brings only that, what we deserve. The progress of days the narrator passes through with a different approach not only creates an interesting narration of her spiritual evolvement, but also inspires you, the readers, with solutions to your life crises, problems, and search for inner peace. Surfing smoothly, without falling, is simply possible even on the surface of a stormy ocean, as long as we know how. This petite book is not a guide to surfing, but a companion offering ways to find the balance needed to discover the true path to personal evolution while preventing and treating cancer and other diseases


How is Surfing on a Banana Peel so different?

This book brings about a new way of thinking about spirituality, different from other spirituality books out there, a holistic point of view that has been missing far too long. Surfing on a Banana Peel connects the dots and explains that in order to achieve spiritual evolution one must focus not only on spiritual aspects but the physical as well.

Its principles are risk-free, there is nothing to lose, no monetary investment. You can quit at any time time. You can start right away, without preparations. This approach provides a firm point of reference in today’s uncertain times. When on this path you nurture our planet, as this path is a part of it and feels what it feels.


This is the path the narrator found, and she shares her experiences with readers. Ideas in this short and easy-to-understand book bring inner peace and ways to solve life problems. These ideas can only be provided by the fair, non-profit organization known as Mother Earth. This path of true spirituality requires the Golden Age humanity is working toward.

who is it for?

- Surfing on a Banana Peel is for a diverse readership -

the Skeptics

Those who prefer scientific facts but feel that science has its limitations and cannot provide answers and explanations to questions beyond the familiar sphere of study. SURFING ON A BANANA PEEL gives the change to try something completely new.

the Seekers

Those who have not thus far found the path leading to spiritual evolution without dogmas, blind faith, unchecked truths and dependency on something or someone. Those looking for something more than just another New Age spirituality book

the Spiritually Devoted

Those who fail to see results and are not satisfied with simply hoping that the promises given to them will come true someday, somehow.

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