Surfing on a Banana Peel


- the mind behind the book -


The Story

Then Brona’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. However her mother’s serious medical condition and the knowledge obtained on the journey to cure her unexpectedly opened a new door… she passed through and began an expedition on an entirely new spiritually-natural path. This experience not only led her to a sublime tomorrow, but she also discovered how to be the director of her own life, without karmic surprises, illnesses and suffering. It is the solution of everything for everyone, regardless of age, medical condition, profession, wealth or anything else. Spiritual healing was the end result.


Brona Fanelle is a mother of two daughters and she lives with her partner on the coast of California in Santa Monica.


The American Brona Fanelle was born in a small European country of Czech Republic where she has earned a Master’s degree in Literature and Social Science. She began her professional career as a teacher and later became a news anchor and editor.

She has traveled Europe and the United States collecting experiences that ultimately transformed her life. She had the opportunity to know and experience many different religions, spiritual paths, mystic energies, modern psychologies and parapsychological methods. Brona's Surfing on a Banana Peel is being called one of the best spiritual books of the decade.